I am back at school in Massachusetts now, and I can already tell that work and activities will be mounting in the days and weeks ahead, so this blog may be pretty empty for strings of time.  Anyway, I want to look back on summer for a few last moments with these two songs which were my “summer anthems”:

WU LYF-“We Bros”

This is my favorite song on WU LYF’s (stands for World Unite-Lucifer Youth Foundation) debut album Go Tell Fire to the Mountain.  The vocals have a raw style which makes me think of primordial times.  This song starts slowly but really gets anthemic towards the end.

Dirty Gold-“California Sunrise”

The title is a bit cliche and obvious for a summer song, but I enjoyed this band’s EP Roar a lot in general.  They sound a little like Vampire Weekend with less electronic backing, and more nostalgic lyrics in my opinion.